Centre200 N.s.


The Tour will feature the INSTIGATOR – ANGER MANAGEMENT – TEMPERATURE RISING – MANIAC – AND THE GENERAL HAZZARD MONSTER TRUCKS. Mini Monster Trucks and Extreme Street Bikes will be in the Eastlink Centre to thrill the Audience with an action packed thrill seeking show. With 1800+ Horse Power these bad boys will shake the Centre200 in Racing – wheelies and monster truck freestyle.

Freestyle Extreme street bikes will be in the house performing death defying stunts that only the brave would try. Extreme Street Bike Freestyle is a blend of athletic ability and extreme stunt competitions that will have N.S. Fans on their feet. They’ll defy gravity and Rock the Centre200 through stunts inspired by the same performances that are being showcased in popular TV shows and video games. 

On top of having Race Ready trucks, N.S. fans will get to experience what a real Monster TRUCK feels like. Our Monster Truck ride truck will be on hand for young and old to experience a real life monster truck ride before and after show-times at the Centre200.